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Vanessa Avery, PhD

Vanessa Avery is the founder of Transcendence Education, Inc.

Vanessa has a combined 20 plus years of diversity consulting experience and academic teaching and writing.  Now she brings her vast knowledge, teaching, and peacemaking skills out of the academy and into the workplace and other organizational settings.  Her seminars bring the profound wisdom from centuries of philosophical and spiritual texts to workplaces in carefully designed formats that compel new perspectives and ways of relating.

Vanessa co-authored the SHRM manual on Religious Diversity for Corporate Managers and Healthcare Providers as well as numerous articles and papers on diversity, experiential learning, the world’s religions, mimetic theory, intergroup understanding, scapegoating, peace, and violence. Her book The End of Violence is forthcoming from Michigan State University Press.

She holds her PhD  from The University of Exeter, and too many other degrees variously from Yale; King’s College London; and McGill University.

Terri Sinclair

Terri Sinclair

Few coaches have the diverse experience that Terri brings.  She’s been helping companies and individuals for over two decades.  With clients from Raytheon to Bank of America and Cancer Treatment Centers to Amazon Web Services, Terri’s industry knowledge is vast. This allows her to speak the client’s language and avoid generic content.

More than anything else, Terri helps people and companies understand and overcome whatever obstacles are hindering results.  Her brilliance lies in seeing hidden limits, and inspiring others to push out of their comfort zones.  Both in person and virtually, Terri facilitates  instead of giving advice.  She has a unique gift in allowing others the space and confidence to move forward.

Terri has worked in over 700 cities worldwide from London to Sydney.  She also volunteers as the speakers’ coach for TEDx Tucson, and as a life coach for Military Musters.