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Philosophy at Work


Reality – Session 1

What is reality? There are a plethora of different answers to this question depending on what sources you read (and believe). In this seminar—the first of a series—we will approach reality as a function of our language. What we say and think determines our world.   We will use exercises to analyze this idea that will open up new avenues for improved productivity, effectiveness, relationships, and happiness!

Reality – Session 2

In this seminar—the second of the series—we will use an eastern idea and approach reality as a training ground to help us realize our purpose. Many of us view reality as a given– an end in and of itself. But what if it were just a game to navigate? What if “reality” is discovered to be just a very convincing distraction?  In this second seminar of the Reality series, we will use exercises to gain new perspective on our everyday, leading to feelings of curiosity, creativity, and even freedom.

Reality – Session 3

Who am I?  This is surely one of the most penetrating questions of all time.  In this seminar, we will approach this question from a variety of angles, delving into the nature of self, purpose, and desire.

Reality – Session 4


Reality – Session 5