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Diversity Series

Diversity has become such a hot button issue these days.  While many diversity efforts have been very successful, other efforts have created backlash.  Sadly, some approaches to diversity “training” and “education” have left many of our adults, and even some of our children, feeling shamed, accused, or ignored.

A positive and radically inclusive model for creating diversity engagement is critical to moving forward; and it is critical to business’ bottom line.

What we thus offer in the Diversity Series of seminars are frank and academic, no-frills, unbiased, non-judgmental, facilitated sessions on some of the most critically misunderstood diversity aspects. These sessions are a great way to begin conversations about diversity in your company– to break the ice on new topics–with the trust that our information is meticulously researched, and our seminars intentionally designed for broad audiences and maximum engagement.  Most importantly, we promise that each and every one of your employees will feel safe, respected and valued.

Choose one session from the series below, or all of them.  Ideally, these seminars will take place within a broader strategic diversity initiative (ask how we can help).  We would like to work with you to ensure that the seminars are built into your larger strategic plans and goals.

Diversity Session 1: Gender

Is my gender between my ears or between my legs? This will be an exploratory session meant to address two main perspectives for understanding gender—the essentialist argument and the constructivist argument. This class will be a lot of fun as we use experiential exercises to delve into what gender really is and how it affects us in our daily lives.  Seeing the gender matrix is a transforming experience and will open up new and dignified ways of relating both within and across genders.

Diversity Session 2:  LGBTQIA

An information session to give key facts, definitions, and statistics about LGBTQIA, with the intention of clearing up myths and misunderstandings pervading our media and our society.  Perspectives from LGBTQIA writings will be brought into the conversation, time permitting.  This seminar is an educational opportunity, and is meant to allow people to ask some of the most difficult questions in a safe environment.

Diversity Session 3: International

“Culture clash” is like an iceberg– the biggest crash points lie beneath the surface.  How do we access these crash points to build cross-cultural understanding?  In this session, we will examine the three layers of culture, and how our culture determines our choices and interactions through case studies and experiential frameworks.  This is a fun session not to be missed!

Diversity Session 4: Religion – What is Islam?


This session is typically offered as a general introduction to religion and religious diversity.  With the media focus on Islam, however, we are delighted to offer a customized information session on “What is Islam?”  We begin the session with a stunning series of images, giving the participants a bird’s eye view into the religious stereotypes that dominate our culture.  We will then move into the basic beliefs and practices of Muslims including the five pillars, the most often misunderstood notion of jihad, and the Qur’an.  We will also examine some of the social teachings of the prophet Muhammad.  Come to this session with your questions!  A field trip to a local mosque is an optional add-on.

Diversity Session 5:  Race

How do we even begin to talk about race?  Well, we have found that one of the most effective means for beginning this conversation is to look at the history of “race” in the United States.  What exactly is “race”?  Why did/does it matter?  Who determines what race a person is?  Is race a matter of biology or sociology?  In this session, we open up the idea of race as a social construct through looking at key points in history, how ideas about race have changed over time, and the impact of these ideas on people and society.

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